Pandora Jewelry Franchise Photo Booth Package
Pandora Jewelry Franchise Photo Booth Package

Pandora Jewelry Franchise Photo Booth Package

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Pandora Jewelry Franchise Owners, this PixiTAB photo booth package was created just for you! 


The PixiTAB Digital Photo Booth is a self-service, shippable photo booth. We send it directly to your store with simple instructions for set-up and a pre-paid return shipping label.

All you have to do is turn it on, connect to wifi, and you're ready to start taking photos!

Our themes include branded photo booth screens and photo overlays & filters custom-branded just for Pandora Jewelry.

What's in the box

  • PixiTAB device complete with adjustable LED light and tripod floor stand
  • Protective carrying case
  • Two backup battery power banks
  • Easy-set-up instruction card
  • Pre-paid return shipping label


  1. How do I set my PixiTAB up? There is a simple set-up instruction card included in the box. It only takes a few minutes!
  2. Do I need WiFi? Yes, you'll need to connect PixiTAB to WiFi so your guests can send themselves their photos.
  3. Do I need a power source? No! We provide battery packs that will last up to 8 hours!
  4. How do guests get their photos? After taking a photo, your guests can email or text it to themselves. 
  5. Can PixiTAB print on-site? Yes, as an upgrade.
  6. Does PixiTAB save all the photos? No, only photos where users agree to our terms & conditions/privacy policy are saved.   
  7. What happens if I need help on-site? Troubleshooting FAQ details will be provided for on-site issues by Pandora Corporate. 
  8. How do I return my PixiTAB after my event? A pre-paid UPS return shipping label will be included in the box. Just affix it to the exterior of the box and ship via UPS. 
  9. How long do I have to ship back my PixiTAB rental? After your event rental ends, you must ship back your device on the following business day (Monday for Friday-Sunday rentals). If the package is not received by UPS on time, we reserve the right to charge a late fee of $250.00 per day.