PixiWeb Pro Virtual Photo Booth
PixiWeb Pro Virtual Photo Booth
PixiWeb Pro Virtual Photo Booth
PixiWeb Pro Virtual Photo Booth

PixiWeb Pro Virtual Photo Booth

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Included in each PixiWeb package:

  • Custom Pixiweb site

  • Custom site background 

  • Logo on site

  • Event name & description

  • Take & upload photos

  • Photo overlay with logo

  • Real-time online gallery

  • Gallery hosted after event

  • Zip folder of all photos after event

  • Text message delivery of photos (optional)

  • Limits: 2000 photos, 7 days




The perfect solution to make your virtual event interactive and fun!

PixiWeb is an online photo booth that is sure give your remote attendees a feeling of togetherness and keep them engaged throughout your programming. It runs in your web browser and is accessible through a single URL from a QR code, button or text link.

PixiWeb works as a stand-alone microsite or can easily be integrated into a number or virtual event software platforms. When your guests scan the QR code or click on the link, they’ll be guided through a simple interface allowing them to take or upload photos from their device that instantly get branded with your logo and shared to your online event photo gallery.

PixiWeb is perfect for:

  • Virtual Conferences

  • Student Engagement for Universities

  • Virtual Summits

  • Virtual Networking Events

  • Brand Engagement

  • Morale Initiatives

  • Team Building

  • Experiential Marketing

  • And so much more!


Virtual Photo Booth FAQ

What is a Virtual Photo Booth?

A virtual photo booth is an interactive tool that is designed to help brands and event organizers engage with their audience during online events. It works just like a real photo booth, but it runs in a web browser like Chrome or Safari so you don’t need to download any apps. Guests of your virtual event can have fun taking photos and uploading photos remotely to a shared gallery. The entire virtual experience can be branded and customized to seamlessly fit into your virtual or hybrid event. Using a unique link, a QR code, or an iframe, our virtual photo booth can be integrated directly into your virtual event software platform. If you’re looking for creative virtual event ideas, you need to check out our virtual photo booth!

How does your virtual photo booth work?

After you place your order through our online checkout, our design team will begin configuring all of your assets including event name & description, hashtags, templates, logos and graphics, etc. We configure your unique event photo booth website and send you a unique URL and QR code. You share your personalized link with your guests or audience. Guests can take all new pictures or simply upload an existing photo to the PixiWeb site.  The photos get your custom overlay, frame or border applied instantly, then guests submit their photo to your shared event gallery. You and your guests get to enjoy your online photo gallery together and can download photos or post photos directly to social media sites. 

Do I get all of the photos after my event?

Yes. You’ll have access to your online event photo gallery for a minimum 180 days after the event. You will also receive a zip file containing all of your photos for download.

Can I add a logo to my virtual photo booth website?

Yes. Currently all of our packages allow a custom logo or graphic on the home page and gallery page. You can add your logo to the start screen of the virtual photo booth experience and to your online event photo gallery. We can also include your logo on each of the photos applied as an overlay.

Can I customize my virtual photo booth experience?

Yes! We have Adobe Illustrator templates that you can use to personalize the on-site logo, site background, and photo overlay or border. Don’t have Illustrator? No problem. Our design team can help you realize the PixiWeb site of your dreams!

Does the virtual photo booth work better on a phone or a computer?

Since it runs in the browser, it works well on either device. That said we prefer mobile devices. Here's why: 1) phones typically have better cameras and take better pictures, 2) phones offer more mobility and flexibility to find a better lighting environment for taking your photos, and 3) if you opt to upload a picture rather than taking one, it is likely that most of your favorite pictures exist on your phone’s camera roll.

How do my guests receive their PixiWeb photos?

Guests can instantly download their photos after they post them to the event gallery. Photos can also be sent via text message (SMS).

Do I need to download an app for the virtual photo booth?

No! PixiWeb is built to run on your web browser meaning all you need to do is click on a link or scan a QR code and the site will instantly launch.

Do you have any tips on how to make our virtual photo booth successful?

We are all about helping you increase engagement at your virtual event. We’ve put together the PixiWeb Success Playbook to help ensure that your virtual booth goes off without a hitch! Check out the virtual photo booth best practices here.

What happens if I go over the photo limit included in my package?

No need to worry! We leave a buffer and make sure that the app doesn’t cut you off mid-event. If you go over by a few photos, no big deal, it’s on us...but if you need another few hundred (or thousand) we will bill you for the additional usage once the event is over.

How long is my virtual photo booth open to guests?

It’s up to you! Just select the number of days in the duration dropdown menu. We currently offer 1, 2, 4, 7 and 30 day options. Your online gallery will be available for a minimum 180 days beyond your event.

What if I need my virtual photo booth to be open for a specific amount of time? 

No problem, we can adjust our packages appropriately to accommodate your needs. Just reach out and let us know. Contact us here.

Can I white-label the virtual photo booth experience?

Yes! Please contact us directly at team@pixilated.com if you’re interested in learning more about your white-labeling options.

Can I add this to my Zoom or Google Meet virtual event?

Absolutely! All you need to do is share the photo booth and photo gallery links with your Zoom or Meet guests so that they can start taking photos and making fun memories.

Can the virtual booth be integrated into a virtual event platform?

Yes. There are a few ways to do it, but the most popular ways are using an iframe or embedding the QR code so users can easily access the experience on their mobile devices without ever leaving your virtual platform.

What is photo “background removal”?

Our virtual photo booth uses artificial intelligence to work just like a green screen, where the background of the photo gets replaced with a different background image, color, pattern, or graphic. Also known as “virtual green screen”, we offer this feature as part of our Enterprise package. Click here for a custom quote.

What are some creative ways to use a virtual photo booth?

We’ve had customers run photo contests like Ugly Sweaters, Pet Photos, and Costumes for a chance to win a prize. We’ve also hosted scavenger hunts on PixiWeb where guests had to take photos of the answers to each clue. Team building and team spirit can also be encouraged through photo sharing - for instance “take a selfie in your company swag” or “show off your work from home setup”.

Still have questions?

We are available by phone and email here. Feel free to reach out and we can help walk you through the process!

Need a more custom solution?

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